Sex Positions For Women With Big Butts

Sex Positions For Women With Big Butts

When making love, one of the best ways to make sure you have an amazing orgasm for your man is by being able to do a number of different sex positions for women with big butts. Believe it or not, having a big butt is one of the biggest turn ons for women. If you’ve always wondered what these different positions are, then here is a quick description of each:

The missionary position is probably one of the first sex positions you think of when you consider what position is best for couples trying to make love. This particular position requires a lot of communication and is a perfect way for your female partner to be in control during intercourse. Because you’re facing your partner, you’ll be able to get in close and personal with her, which will increase the chances that she will be aroused during intercourse. There are several variations on this position, including an open position where there’s more freedom for the male to thrust, but you also don’t have as much of an extra weight to carry around.

In the doggy style position, your female partner has to lie flat on her back with her legs raised up and tight. Then you simply angle your pelvis down until you are pointing directly at your female partner’s clitoris. You can either stimulate the clitoris with your fingers or simply use your tongue. The more comfortable you become with your partner while making love, the easier it will become for you to incorporate stimulating the clitoris into your position.

Another excellent position that many women find very pleasurable is the chest to chest contact. In this particular position, you and your female partner must face each other and your breasts must be touching and pressed against one another. Your hands are free to stroke one another. This is a wonderful way of building intimacy and energy as you make love. Once your breasts are touching one another, then you can add in the strap or your hands to stimulate the breasts.

When looking at different sex positions for women with big butts, you should pay close attention to the eyes. Not only should you be watching out for how your eyes are directed towards your partner, but also at how your eyes are placed. In some instances, the eyes may be slightly away from one another. In other cases, they may be together and focused on your own breasts. In general, you want to ensure that your eyes are facing directly at your partner’s or his.

Making love in bed isn’t a simple activity that you can get over in a matter of minutes. However, by using the above positions for women with big butts, it can make things far more enjoyable. It doesn’t take long before you are climaxing, either. Plus, making love in bed doesn’t require any particular skills whatsoever. All you have to do is follow these guidelines and your lover will definitely appreciate it.

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